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Psycan is a super
specialty division focusing on therapeutic areas
of Cardiology and
Critical Care

Psycan is a super specialty division focusing on therapeutic areas of Cardiology and Critical Care.

From Psycan’s stable, Dilzem (Diltiazem), Nikoran (Nicorandil) and Listril (Lisinopril) figure in the ORG -List of top 300 brands of the Indian domestic pharma market. Almost all the brands of the division figure in the top 3 positions in their respective therapeutic segments, with 5 of them in the leadership positions. The brands Rozucor (Rozuvastatin), Nebicard (Nebivolol), Valzaar (Valsartan) and Listril SM (Lisinopril+S-Amlodipine) were launched during 2003-04 by this division. Adding to its sizeable list of pioneering brands in India in the past, Nebicard (Nebivolol) is a first-time introduction launched by Psycan in the domestic pharma market.

Nebicard (Nebivolol) is a novel B1 blocker and is the first molecule of its kind to offer the NO (Nitric Oxide) advantage. Unlike other beta blockers, Nebicard gives better reduction in peak systolic blood pressure, preserves cardiac output and the blood-pressure lowering starts with the very first dose. It has the additional benefits of reducing left ventricular dysfunction and atherosclerotic burden. Out of the total share of ‘Other beta-blockers’ worth Rs. 11.7 crore, Nebicard holds 15% market share which is worth Rs. 1.8 crore.

The drug Rozucor (Rosuvastatin) recently launched by this division is a lipid lowering agent. Rosuvastatin is the most recent advancement in the statin group of drugs and is the best among the existing statins. There are an estimated 45 million patients of coronary artery disease in India, out of which only 1 million are on medication. Studies show that this figure shall only go up in the near future. Torrent Pharma aims to bridge this wide gap in providing cure for the cardiovascular disease and Rozucor is the first step taken towards it.

Another important contribution of Psycan division in the cardiovascular therapeutic segment was the launch of Deplatt A (Clopidogrel + Aspirin). Both Clopidogrel and Aspirin are antiplatelet agents with different mechanisms of action. Combining the two antiplatelet agents provides a substantial increase in efficacy of the drug. Moreover Aspirin in Deplatt A is formulated by a unique Gattecoat technology which takes care of the gastric irritation caused by normal aspirin. At present it is the leader among its competing brands.

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