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Company Overview
Marketing Operations
Marketing Operations
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Manufacturing Plant
Therapeutic Index
...Cardiovascular Therapy...
...NeuroPsychiatric Therapy...
...Antimicrobial Therapy...
...Gastrointestinal Therapy...
Torrent Pharma has well-established capabilities in early product development. It continues its prominent position in launching new products by introducing new molecules and also line extensions (combination products) of existing brands.  

Antimicrobial Therapy ::...

Droxyl 500
Tormoxin 250
Droxyl DT 125 Tormoxin 500
Droxyl DT 250 Tormoxin DT
Droxyl Suspension Tormoxin Plus
Quintor 250 Tormoxin Suspension
Quintor 500 Torospar 200
Quintor OD 500 Torospar DS
Quintor OD 1000 Uroflox 400
Quintor Infusion Moxif 400
Quintor TZ Moxif IV
Topcef DT 50 Adcef
Topcef 200 Adcef Instause
Topcef DT 100 Ecogat 200
Topcef Instause Ecogat 400
Tormoxin 125    

Fungicide 200 Syscan 150
Funginoc Cream Syscan 200
Syscan 50 Syscan Infusion
Syscan 100    

Herpex 200
Herpex DT
Herpex - 5%    
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