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Powering Progress Torrent Power...
Be it power generation, transmission or distribution – Torrent Power encompasses the entire value chain of the power industry.

Torrent Power is one of the leading brands in the Indian power sector. With an all-round experience in generation, transmission and distribution of power, and a proven track record of implementing large power projects, Torrent Power is the most experienced private sector player in Gujarat.

Torrent Power has a generation capacity of 1600 MW (500 MW existing; 1100 MW to be commissioned in 2007-08) and distributes over 7 billion units of power annually to Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Surat – the industrial and commercial hubs of Gujarat. Its advanced technology and efficient operations have enabled it to reduce T&D losses to approx. 10%, which is the lowest in the country.

And for over 1.8 million consumers spread over an area of 408 Sq Kms in these cities, Torrent Power has evolved into a lifeline that continues to empower their lives-Uninterrupted.

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